Top Five Robots in Gaming

Side characters have always been a favorite of mine when it came to playing video game campaigns. They come in such variety, from a badass dog that roams the Wasteland with you to a woman who can open tears into alternate realities. Out of all these personalities, some of my favorites belong to those with metal bodies and processors for brains. Today, we’re going to look at five of the best robots in all of gaming.

#5 – Dog (Half-Life 2)

First up is the silent pet-like robot from Valve’s Half-Life 2: Dog. Built by Eli Vance, the machine started out much smaller, but constant improvement brought it to a towering eight feet tall. The engineer built the obedient robot to serve as a loyal companion to his daughter, Alyx.

Dog is instrumental to Gordon Freeman’s advance to the Citadel, leaving a path of destruction as it tries to reunite with its master. Since Dog belongs to Alyx, no one is able to stop the machine as it tears through structures and Combine alike.

#4 – Liberty Prime (Fallout 3 & 4)

The Brotherhood of Steel’s ultimate tool of destruction makes it in as number four. This monolith of steel and patriotism beat out many other robots that populate the Fallout universe, including a hooker automaton, an adorable French medical bot, and a detective android. There were several memorable robots from the series, but Liberty Prime towers over the rest, both literally and symbolically.

Any fan of Fallout 3 can recall the freedom boner that was aroused by storming the Enclave aside the metal goliath. “Democracy is not an option”, one of the taunts the robot would bellow while cutting through enemies with lasers and mini-nukes, is still my favorite line from the series. However, Liberty Prime’s bloodlust is no match for the next robot on our list.

#3 – HK-47 (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

There’s nothing quite like violent derangement to add a twist to a character’s personality, and that seems to be doubly true if their hearts are made up of circuits. HK-47 from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the definition of a killing machine. Built by the Dark Lord Revan, HK-47 was designed to assassinate his master’s enemies, including Jedi. The droid was even used in an attempt to kill Revan, leading to the Dark Lord’s memory loss and HK’s lustrous career as a gun for hire.

The assassin droid’s constant insults of “meatbag” and his reckless disregard for organic life makes him feel like the Bender of the gaming world. Still, he was loyal to his friends and became instrumental in the conclusion to BioWare’s classic RPG.

#2 – BT-7274 (Titanfall 2)

The most recently introduced robot on our list, Titanfall 2’s BT-7274 immediately became a favorite of mine. Voiced by Glenn Steinbaum, BT is a delightful combination of a curious schoolchild and a hardened machine. He starts out serious and finds most human concepts hard to understand, but over time, he proves to be one of the best metal bros a gamer could ask for.

SPOILER ALERT: The true moment BT gleams as a leading robotic companion comes at the end of Titanfall 2’s campaign. In order to stop the destructive Fold Weapon from activating, BT and the player decide to hurl themselves into the heart of device as a last ditch effort. In the last moment, the Vanguard-class titan pulls the protagonist from his cockpit and throws him to safety before destroying the weapon and himself. Before detonating, the enormous robot cites the protocol calling for the unconditional protection of the pilot. It was an ending reminiscent to Iron Giant and left me just as teary-eyed.

#1 – Loader Bot (Tales From the Borderlands)

I cannot fully express my fondness for Loader Bot, the robotic badass from Telltale’s Tales From The Borderlands. The character has a strong introduction, crushing a bandit after being launched to Pandora’s surface from an orbiting satellite. He starts off as the world’s most useful tool before growing into the world’s coolest companion.

SPOILER ALERT: Like BT, his appeal comes from his inhuman understanding of emotional concepts, including learning how to give a fist bump. He is maimed and rebuilt multiple times over, but he always sticks by the player (providing he or she makes the right choices). Also like BT, his sacrifice is one of the more memorable parts of the game as a whole.

Bonus – GLaDOS (Portal)

You didn’t think I’d forget to include the sadistic villain of Valve’s Portal series, did you? I decided to keep her out of the top five because she always steals the spotlight in articles like these. Her impact and depth of evil are undeniable, so GLaDOS certainly deserves a mention. She owes me some cake.

That’s our five favorite robots from the realms of gaming! There were so many other eligible candidates (Claptrap, Clank, and EDI for instance) but in the end, we narrowed it down to five. 

Who’s your favorite video game robot? Leave us a comment below to let us know!


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